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A Growing Industry

As the drone industry grows it also twists and turns multiple corners as drone laws constantly change and evolve. Behind the scenes there are a whole host of fantastic aerial photographers running drone related businesses of all shapes and sizes across the country. Each pilot brings their different experience and perception to the table and as a result, there are some fantastic drone businesses that we would love to share. Some of our featured aerial photographers specialise in drone property photography or use aerial photography as part of their wedding photography business, whereas others complete drone roof inspections for commercial properties.

Scattered across the country, there are plenty of aerial photographers however it is important if you are looking for a drone photographer that you use a professional. A trained and insured drone pilot will be able to complete projects in a safe and efficient way, ensuring they deliver results for every project.

Take a look at our featured businesses this month, If you like their work, I'm sure they would love you to hear from you.

Drone Photographer in Cornwall

Mitch Holmes from EyeOnHigh is a fantastic drone photographer based in Cornwall. Taken in Mousehole, a popular fishing port in Cornwall, using an Inspire 2 shows the fantastic view above the harbour and all the boats before they head out to sea. With years of experience as an aerial photographer, Mitch who also specialises in surf photography (what a cool job) loves how a drone gives a different perspective to the world.

If you are looking for an aerial photographer in Cornwall, check out EyeOnHigh's website and socials to keep an eye on Mitch's latest work.

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