Drone Flying Lessons

Drone Flying Lessons

Learn to fly your drone safely and effectively, gain confidence and learn how to use autonomous modes to capture stunning photos and video. 


Learning the core fundamentals of flying drones is key to overcoming that initial fear and worry, it took me around 30 hours flight time to become 100% confident and build up the muscle memory that allowed me to fly instinctively without thinking about it.


The goal is to fly your drone the way you drive your car, instinctively and without thinking about the controls, you can then focus on capturing the best photo and video for your clients. Our socially distanced drone flying lessons will give you a huge head start, change the way you think about flying your drone and the safety aspects that come with it and prepare you to go out and fly with confidence. 


Dust your drone off after lockdown and get back out flying!

Lessons are available to both hobby and commercial flyers, but if you are a PFCO holder and haven't met your minimum 2 hour currency for renewal what better way then to have a refresher lesson and brush up on your flying skills. 


Lessons cost £100 for 1 hour, £175 for 2 hours, £250 for 3 hours. 

You may bring a friend at no extra cost when booking 2 or 3 hours or have the lesson all to yourself. 


Please get in touch to discuss flying locations. 



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