Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Resident marketing expert Ben has joined forces with Ops Manuals UK to showcase how to create and utilise Facebook Ads for drone businesses. 

Around 50% of new drones businesses fail within the first 12 months. Make sure you're in the 50% who make a real success of this industry and join our Facebook Marketing masterclass now! 


So what does the course cover?

  • How to generate leads using Facebook Ads
  • How to create a Facebook Ad
  • Learn about the different ad types available and use successful ad formats
  • How to use your organic traffic to target potential clients
  • Learn how to use and set up your Facebook Pixel
  • How to target using Pixel analytics

The course is run in a two part session.
Each session costs £50.00 to attend, add both to the cart and use discount code FACEBOOK to save £25.00, That means both courses are just £75.

This course is run online via Zoom and is a live event so attendees will be encouraged to get involved to ask questions and join in with discussion.



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