Property Masterclass - Bedfordshire SG19

Property Masterclass - Bedfordshire SG19

Welcome to our Property Masterclass. 


The property booked for this course is a stunning, modern 5 bedroom home on large plot of land in Bedfordshire. Drone flights/permission from neighbours etc is not an issue so we will use both ground and aerial equipment to capture the property in all its beauty.

Refreshments and Lunch are provided on both days. 


Dates available are:

7th - 8th September 2020

14th - 15th September 2020


During this 2 day workshop you will learn everything required to shoot stunning photographs, film amazing videos which tell a story about the home, create floorplans, and approach and sell your services to estate agents. 


Estate Agency is one area of the market where photographers consistantly under estimate the skills required to be a success. Success is built on strong foundations and a good understanding of the industry you wish to be a part of. I have been creating content for estate agents for over 10 years both as a Branch Manager and Marketing Director at one of the biggest agents in south east London and for the last 5 years as an independant photographer. My collegue on this course has been photographing and filming high end homes for estate agents for the last 15 years and is a professional studio photographer. 

Understanding what is required from the 'Estate Agent' point of view is critical to providing a product that is both fit for purpose and saleable. 


Day one will start at 10am, we will be shooting content both inside and outside the property, and both stills and video during the morning light. We will break for lunch and resume with sale pitches, how we approach potential clients and putting together packages that appeal to agents. Early afternoon we will go back to shooting and if the sky is kind we will get a sunset and some nice light in the sky. We will wrap up about 7pm. 


Day two will start at 10am, focusing on editing our content from day one and reshooting scenes where needed, I will demostrate edits using Divinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro & Premier as required. The goal today is to give you the knowledge and skills to edit in confidence. After lunch we will go over creating Floorplans, data capture and turning our sketch into a digital file and wrap up at about 6pm.


By the end of the two days, all attendees will have a quality set of photos, a video and a floorplan which can be used as examples on your website or marketing material, the experience and confidence to approach clients and generate work and our 100 skies replacement pack. Parts of the course will be recorded and available for you to rewatch later.


Please bring your own equipment, cameras, gimbals, drones etc and a laptop capable of editing on, if you wish to follow along with the editing process. I do have spare kit if you need to borrow anything,  I will do my best to accommodate requests if you can let me know in advance. Lights/flashes/triggers will be provided for off camera flash work.


*Photographs on this listing are of the Bedfordshire property to give an idea of what the property looks like however were not taken by us

  • Overnight Accommodation

    If you require overnight accommodation there are 4 queen/twin rooms available on a first come first serve basis.
    You will not be required to share with another person however as only 3 of these rooms are ensuite, you may be allocated the family bathroom for private use during your stay instead to maintain social distancing.

    An evening meal is not included, however a range of takeaway deliveries are available or you are welcome to visit a local restaurant or sweet talk Luke, who used to be a chef.

    A selection of toast/bagels/crumpets will be available for breakfast alongside an assortment of Jams/Spreads.
    Tea, coffee and soft drinks are available throughout.

  • Refreshments

    A buffet lunch will be provided across both days, alongside a selection of cold drinks, tea & coffee.

    If you have any dietary requirements please let us know in advance by contacting



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