Sales & Marketing Masterclass for Drone Pilots

Sales & Marketing Masterclass for Drone Pilots

Ive spent the last 10 years growing my photography business from a small hobby, to over £100,000 per year, all without needing to invest a fortune into equipment, or have the liability of employees. I introduced drones into my business 6 or 7 years ago, from day one I said to myself I wouldnt be drawn into buying thousands of pounds of kit before securing clients, and I started off with just a Phantom 2.

Quite quickly I was hitting brick walls and struggling to find more then the odd job here and there, Id spoken to who I thought were potential clients, sent hundreds of messages and emails with little response, and been to umpteen networking events without success. I battled on like this for a good year before I decided to take a step back and research the industry to find out what potential clients actually want and need, and more inportantly how I improve my product then get it in front of a decision maker who can tell me YES!


Until I discovered the correct methods and processes needed to run a successful business. Until I understood my target clients, their needs and expectations, and until I found out how to generate quality leads, I wasnt able to maintain a regular income that would allow me to focus on this full time.


As I saw my business grow from strength to strength securing multiple client contracts and landing some amazing gigs in the process I knew I was onto a winner, but it felt like relearning my entire business from scratch. 


Its been a tough struggle and Ive learned a ton about business and about myself in the process, and had I known what I know now, Im sure I could repeat the process in 6 months or less!


This Sales & Marketing Masterclass contains information that has changed my life and my outlook on business. 


Around 50% of new drones businesses fail within the first 12 months. Make sure your in the 50% who make a real success of this industry and join my Masterclass now! 


So what does the course cover?

  • How to generate leads online and using traditional methods
  • How to generate customers for free
  • How to make potential customers see you as an expert in your niche
  • How to network successfully
  • How to source content for social media that appeals to clients
  • And the most important one, Showing customers what you want them to buy! 


This course is run online via Zoom and is a live event.

Attendees per event are limited to 5, you are encouraged to get involved, ask questions, and join in with discussion.

Just like all of my courses, you will not see me reading from a powerpoint, the course format is 'open discussion' with myself directing conversation topics and filling in the blanks. 


Date: Friday 8th January 2021 @ 5pm






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