Thanks for booking your place on our property masterclass. Below you will find information you will need to read and understand ahead of your stay. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Please arrive at the property address between 9am - 10am to allow for a prompt start at 10am.
If you are delayed please call Beth on 07845907666

1 Brook End, Hatch, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 1PP

Adequate parking is available onsite, however you may be asked to move your car for the purpose of the external photographs.


If you or a member of your household is or has been experiencing symptoms in the lead up to, during or after the workshop, we ask that you inform us at the earliest convenience to avoid putting others at risk and so we can do our best to support you.

During the workshop, we ask that you do your best to refrain from physical contact with other attendees, however if you do so that is at your own risk.

Hand sanitiser will be available during the workshop, for attendees to use as they wish.

We have kept numbers minimal to reduce the risk of infection to our attendees. We do not request anyone to wear face masks however it is your choice if you wish to do so.


A wide range of ground and aerial equipment will be available for loan/demonstration purposes so please treat it with respect whilst it is in your care.

If an attendee needs to borrow an item for the full duration of the workshop such as a camera, please make this known in advance so allowances can be made.

Please ensure you keep your kit organised and out of other attendees way during the workshop to prevent clutter and reduce the risk of damage.

Laptops or tablets will be beneficial and wifi is available.


If you have opted to stay with us overnight, a King or Twin room will be allocated to you for private use. 4 bedrooms have an ensuite and the 5th is next door to the family bathroom which will not be used by the other attendees and you will not be asked to share.

We ask that you are respectful of the property and do your best to leave the rooms clean and free from damage.

Your personal belongings must remain in your car until the first day of the workshop is finished. This is to ensure the rooms are kept to a high standard of cleanliness whilst they are being photographed.

If you require accommodation on the Sunday night, please get in touch as this can be arranged for an additional £50.00 fee.


The cost of an evening meal is not included in the workshop, however we may choose to dine in a nearby restaurant or order a food delivery.
Everyone is welcome to join us however if you would prefer to explore the local surroundings on your own then we will not be offended.

Due to Covid 19, it is not possible for attendees to share food in a buffet style so you will be responsible for purchasing your own meal.


Throughout the workshop there will be a selection of hot and cold drinks available alongside an afternoon break where snacks such as biscuits and cakes will also be on offer

To reduce the risk of cross contamination, Beth will be on hand to serve refreshments on request. Don't be shy to ask for more or let her know if you have any problems.

After Day 1 has finished, the kitchen will be wiped down and attendees are free to help themselves throughout the evening. Please be respectful of others and ensure you leave the area tidy.


A light breakfast is available to all attendees between 9am-10am on both Monday & Tuesday.

To prevent cross contamination in the Kitchen area, Beth will prepare any requests from the below selection.

The selection will consist of
Toast, Crumpets, Bagels, Buttermilk Pancakes, Cereal Selection, Porridge and Yoghurt.
Spreads - Butter, Jam, Peanut Butter, Golden Syrup, Honey

There will also be a selection of Fruit Juices, Tea & Coffee throughout the workshop.


A personal lunch will be provided for you to enjoy on both days of the workshop, however we ask that you complete the below form in advance.

All food will be prepared by Beth, who has experience in the food industry and will take great care in ensuring all food is prepared in line with food safety regulations. If you have any dietary requirements that we need to take into consideration, do let us know.

The menu has 3 fresh platter options alongside customisable sandwich, roll and salad options to ensure there is something suitable for everyone.
If you select a customisable option, feel free to add as many ingredients as you wish.



Please Select The Date Relevant To Your Booking
Day 1 - Lunch Option
Day 1 - If you chose a "Design Your Own", now select your fillings:
Day 1 - If you chose a "Design Your Own", would you like to add some flavour?
Day 2 - Lunch Option
Day 2 - If you chose a "Design Your Own", now select your fillings:
Day 2 - If you chose a "Design Your Own", would you like to add some flavour?

Thank You!